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 Know About How To Earn Money Using 9Hits. With 9Hits you can easily earn money upto 100$ per day by selling points or from traffic With Proof.

Hello Viewers, Welcome to my first blog post. In this blog i am going to show you how to earn money using 9Hits an automated traffic exchange. 9Hits is a traffic exchange site where you can send and receive traffic and earn money.

There are few other traffic exchanges site available for eg: Otohits, 10khits, feelingsurf but among them 9Hits is one of the top leading traffic exchange site with so many inbuilt functions.

  1. Customize duration
  2. Popups allowed
  3. Statistic in real-time
  4. Customize frequency capping
  5. Multiple sessions supported
  6. Interactive by macro
  7. GEO-targeting traffic

You can earn money from 9hits from various ways like POP Ad, CPM-AD, Bulk traffic, Selling Points between members within 9Hits ETC. Let me show you some of the top paying websites.

1. CPM-AD : is one of the most innovative and the fastest developing advertising networks in the industry. You just need to have an account on cpm-ad and add a website thereafter you will get the tags then paste it on your website or you can also get the direct link afterthat you can advertise your website/direct link on 9HitsTheir Payment methods are : Paypal, Binance, Skrill, Perfect Money and the minimum payment is 10$. Here is the proof that i got some payment from them.You'll get paid for promoting ads on your websites. Also there is the option of referrals.

2. MFK-CPM :Mfk-cpm is a reliable and trustworthy ad network. Online advertising activity is more complex than before, but with our combined technology which has been tested for years and proved to be successful, greater result can be easily derived.Mfk-cpm offers many services for you free of charge. Easy Setup, Payments, Ad models, Statistics and high profit. Their Payment method are : Paypal, Webmoney, Bank Transfer, Litecoin, Papara and the minimum payment is only 1$. Here is the payment that i got from them.

3. Cash-ads : Cash-ads is one of the lightest, most flexible and fastest advertising network.From beginners to professionals, they offer everyone the opportunity to earn money. It is easier than ever for you as user. Our AI controls everything 24/7 in the background so that you always get the best CPM rate. No long waiting times, because everything happens automatically and in real time.Their Payment method are : Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Litecoin, Ethereu and the minimum payment is only 10$. Here is the payment that i got from them.

4. Tabcii : Tabici is a Popunder Network. T
hey offer Direct Link and tags which you can place the given tag in your website. Unfortunately they only provide single payment method i.e PayPal and the minimum payout is 20€. Their Payment frequency is one week. Here is the proof.

5. Tubecorporate : Tubecorporate provides different types of ad format. They accept Mainstream,Adult traffic,Gallery, Video, Web Push, redirect and direct link as for now. They pay their customer every week through different payment method i.e Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Perfect Money and Paxum. The minimum payment is quite high here in Tubecorporate i.e of 100$.

In a simple way : You just have to create an account on 9hits and on these ad network which you like or you can also register on these all networks then copy the provided direct link by ad network and paste it on 9hits .

You can also paste ad network banner link on your website and send traffic from 9hits.If you don't know how to use 9HITS then you can read 9hits documentation.

Join the top leading traffic exchange site

9Hits - Traffic Exchange

Thank you everyone for watching the post. Have a  good day.

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